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Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) is the leading telecommunications group in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe. MTS currently holds licences to provide mobile services in 81 out of 83 regions in Russia and the entire territories of Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan. The company has over 102.4 million subscribers.


The challenge set by the mobile operator – the search and implementation of additional sources of income. This solution should be of high quality in order to avoid a negative impact on current services of operator.


One of the proven ways to increase the income of the operator is addition of commercial advertising to the existing channels of communication with subscribers. To implement such a solution, Eyeline proposed implementation of mobile advertising platforms, which allows managing advertising campaigns, consisting of targeted advertising. The platform consists of the following Eyeline products and modules:

➤ SharpAds
➤ Personalization
➤ MAdv
➤ Clickthru
➤ Informer
➤ SMPP Proxy
➤ SMS/USSD centre

All platform components interact with each other and connected clients by API, allowing, if required, to automate processes for managing mobile advertising. In addition, on request, by means of Data Adapter modules, Eyeline can perform integration with existing data sources to fill the subscriber profile that can be used for targeting / personalization of advertising. Usually it is CRM, DPI, and so on.

All components of the platform are adapted to the operation in a virtual environment under the control of Linux. The platform does not require the purchase of third party software licenses.

The platform was integrated in MTS network. Today, the monthly volume of processed transactions exceeds 1 billion. Advertising is added to the following channels:

➤ USSD balance inquiry service
➤ SMS notifications from a service “Who Called” and other similar services
➤ SMS distribution
➤ Mobile applications

All main types of targeting are implemented: sex, age, APRU, geo targeting, operational information on connected services, packages and options.

In the near future, integration with sources of operational data and expansion of supported channels in the direction of mobile internet and applications is planned. Those sources will identify the current interests of subscribers.




Eyeline Service Delivery Platform


Eyeline Sharp Ads
Eyeline SMS/USSD Centre

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Case Study: Mobile Advertising Platform For Mobile TeleSystems (MTS)