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Enterprise applications, web application, solutions for the telecommunications industry, and mobile services

Custom software outsourcing

Custom solutions development on EYELINE platform

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EYELINE has 15 years of experience in custom software outsourcing and development. We achieved more than 300 projects of various sizes, including major infrastructure projects for mobile operators, projects in municipal management, interactive marketing and advertising, financial sector, and in many other industries. Among the customers are leading companies in their respective fields.

The company formed a team of highly skilled professionals able to meet the challenges in the development and support of modern software systems. We offer full cycle software development services, including requirements gathering, business intelligence, creating architecture, installation and support.

After years of work on customers’ projects, EYELINE acquired a deep understanding of businesses functioning in various industries. Constantly investing in research and development of innovative technologies for businesses, we have achieved a significant reduction in the software development cycle.

The process of managing custom software development projects is determined by the goals and tasks facing the customer, with EYELINE experts ongoing study of modern project management practices that reduce development time and cost savings on management.

Technological expertise

Applications for telecom and mobile services USSD services, SMS services
Infrastructure solutions and products for mobile operators
Mobile services for any business
Platforms: open platform Eyeline
OS: RedHat Linux, Oracle Solaris
Programming languages: Java, С++
Protocols: SMPP, SS7, M3UA, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, Camel, ISUP
SIP-telephony, Asterisk
Enterprise applications Platforms and architecture: Service-oriented architecture, Web Services, Java Enterprise Edition, Message queue
Frameworks: CDI, JSF, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JPA
Programming languages: Java, Groovy
Protocols: SOAP, REST
Application servers: Apache Tomcat, WildFly, WebSphere
Queuing servers: RabbitMQ, Apache ActiveMQ
Relational databases: Oracle, MsSQL, MySQL, DB2
Non relational database: Cassandra
Web-applications Expertise: Single Page Web Applications, Responsive, Mobile-First Web Applications, Microservices, NoSQL
Programming languages: Java, Groovy
Frameworks and technologies: JSP, JSF, Struts, FreeMarker, Play framework
Front-end development:  JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Applications for Android OS Expertise: Development of native UI applications Android SDK and NDK, SWIG frameworks
Applications for iOS Expertise: Application development for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch
Applications for Windows Phone Expertise: Application development for Windows Phone 8.1.

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Custom Software Outsourcing