Mobile payments for parking

Motorization of Moscow has achieved one of the highest rates in the world and is second only to New York. Moscow has the largest parking space in Europe. The project comes backed up by Eyeline technology to make payments for citizens as comfortable as possible. While there are other ways to pay for parking, such as terminals, parking machines, and smartphones applications, 86,75% of monthly payments are processed through our USSD/SMS application. USSD/SMS service accounts to 57,68% of all collected money on monthly basis.

Utility payments

When it comes to payments for utility bills, the most important part is to ensure a great user experience throughout the billing cycle. Our custom solution notifies consumers their bill is available, displays their full bill on the mobile device, enables secure mobile payments, and confirms the payment is received. Availability of solution on all mobile devices, including basic feature phones, results in consistent consumer experience, and as a result, increase in payments.

Social welfare

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is the government institution responsible for the protection of social welfare rights and promotion of social development in the Philippines. Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs of DSWD are characterized by an organization offering cash grants to poor households given some conditions that relate to health, education, nutrition and livelihood. Eyeline developed USSD based Field Data Capturing service for the CCT beneficiaries updating. Among our other social welfare cases, is Anti-Corruption campaign in Tanzania, which used USSD to notify about cases of corruption.



Messenger bots are automated assistants offering information and services for a variety of businesses. We offer development of bots and integration with complex back ends, which results in bot portals that has full-fledged functionality of standalone apps. Eyeline develops bot portals for the following businesses: banks, mobile operators, government, insurance companies, airlines and airports.

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