About us

EYELINE Software is a custom software development company and service provider of innovative solutions. By having deep expertise in telecommunication and finance markets, the company has been supplying and supporting infrastructure and custom solutions to companies from various industries, including MTS, Beeline, Atos Origin, Directories Philippines Corporation, Panasonic, Alfa Bank, Gazprombank and NL International.

We have the following industry domain expertise:

Telecommunications: operator-grade messaging and custom self-service solutions; SMS/USSD center; service delivery platforms for creation, management, and delivery of mobile services; billing; high load systems.

Finance: mobile banking applications, mobile payment processing.

Advertising: mobile advertising; development of solutions for management of mobile advertising campaigns; digital signage.

Enterprise: SOA, Web Services, Java EE, MQ, RDBMS.

Web development: single page web applications; responsive, mobile-first web applications; micro services; NoSQL.

Our team consists of professionals with vast experience in development of products, platforms, custom solutions and its support. EYELINE leading developers and managers have 20+ years of experience in telecom, and have been growing along with the industry.


Development team: Oracle Certified Expert, EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer, EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer, Java Platform, EE 6 Web Component Developer, EE 6 Web Services Developer, Java SE 6 Programmer.

Support team: RedHat Certified Engineer, Sun Certified System Administrator, Oracle Certified Professional, Database Administrator.


Since its establishment, EYELINE has continuously carried out research and development on new technologies, solving challenges that arise in various industries with our deep expertise in telecommunications.

When implementing software solutions, we communicate with specialists from many fields, and use our knowledge from a single business area to solve challenges in diverse industries by integrating technologies and creating new innovations.

EYELINE produced software platforms that represent complete solutions, but at the same time can be easily customized and scaled for requirements of each particular client, significantly reducing costs and roll out time of new products.

Our R&D efforts have resulted in the following patents:

  • A method of providing cellular mobile communication and non-voice services to subscribers and system for its implementation
  • A method of providing services to monitor the movement of subscribers between the coverage areas of cellular mobile communication and system for its implementation
  • A method of exchange of information with the consumer of advertising and system for its implementation
  • A method of providing advertising, and the system for its implementation
  • A method of providing information during distributed transactions and system for its implementation
  • System to control the state of an object using a mobile device

In 2009 EYELINE have received 2 Webby Awards: (1) Experimental & Innovation and (2) Best Use of GPS or Location Technology. In 2008 EYELINE and MTS have received Global Telecoms Business Award.

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About us