Financial Technology


Mobile payments

We help top tier banks and forward thinking companies to serve mobile-first customer base. Mobile payments are disrupting the common payment landscape and present the biggest opportunity for businesses to better serve consumers. Instant mobile payments from any mobile phone, transfer of money from mobile devices to bank accounts, mobile confirmation of online payments – we can help you to create mobile payment services that can seamlessly blend into life of your clients.

Banking portals

Eyeline Communications develop mobile banking portals, which is a simple and fast way to manage accounts and cards from any mobile phone without installing additional applications and programs. With such portal, bank can reach all clients, not just smartphone owners. We can rapidly implement banking portal into your infrastructure without compromising security.

Utility payments

When it comes to payments for utility bills, the most important part is to ensure a great user experience throughout the billing cycle. Our custom solution notifies consumers their bill is available, displays their full bill on the mobile device, enables secure mobile payments, and confirms the payment is received. Availability of solution on all mobile devices, including basic feature phones, results in consistent consumer experience, and as a result, increase in payments.



Messenger bots are automated assistants offering information and services for a variety of businesses. We offer development of bots and integration with complex back ends, which results in bot portals that has full-fledged functionality of standalone apps. Eyeline develops bot portals for the following businesses: banks, mobile operators, government, insurance companies, airlines and airports.

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Financial technology