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With extensive experience in implementing projects in telecommunications, mobile finance, mobile interactive marketing and advertising, as well as carrying out long-term investments in research and development of innovative mobile technology, the company EYELINE has created and continues to improve an open EYELINE platform, which allows to develop mobile solutions for our customers in a much shorter time and with less effort, providing timely access to the mobile services market.

Platform components allow quick and effective implementation of the following tasks faced by any business during creation of mobile solutions:

  • Multiplatform development

    Development, support and improvement of mobile services based on different technologies, such as SMS, USSD, mobile applications for different operating systems

  • Promotion of goods and services

    Implementation of interactive marketing and advertising of goods and services on mobile devices

  • Integration

    Integration of mobile solutions with multiple mobile operators, banks, payment systems, and any other service providers

  • Monetization

    Monetization of mobile services and implementation of proposed business sales of goods and services via mobile devices

Solutions based on Eyeline platform provide a stable, reliable, and timely delivery of mobile services to users with the possibility of high peak loads, significantly exceeding the average values.

The development of mobile solutions based on Eyeline platform allows the customer to focus on solving the problems of the business, without spending time and resources on the functionality already implemented through the platform and proven in long-term operation.

Experience in developing mobile business solutions based on Eyeline platform shows the following reduction of labor costs and development time of the system:

  • Reducing labor costs and time of requirements gathering

    Reducing labor costs on requirements gathering can reach up to 40%, reducing the time up to 45%

  • Reduces labor costs and time to develop the architecture

    Labor costs for development of architectural solutions can be reduced up to 60%, development time – up to 80%

  • Reduces labor costs and time for development of software

    Reducing of labor costs can be up to 80%, reducing the time up to 85%

  • Reduces cost of supporting mobile solutions

    Reducing support costs can reach up to 60%

Eyeline platform has several open APIs, allowing effective development and functionality improvement of mobile solutions.

Currently, hundreds of mobile services and dozens of mobile solutions, based on Eyeline platform, are working for mobile operators in the banking sector, in the systems of urban parking space management, gas stations, and processes mobile payments and money transfers.

Selected customers and partners of Eyeline, who implemented projects using our platform: Alfa-Bank, MTS, Gazprombank, Beeline, the Government of Moscow.

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Custom solutions development on open EYELINE platform