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We’ve been using Java and Java EE for creating complex, high load, enterprise and carrier grade software since 2001.

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Web application development

It’s hard to imagine a modern software product without some kind of a front-end to access its functionality. We have experience in creating front-ends for management of complex high load systems.

Server side software

Server-side software is crucial when it comes to stability under heavy load. Knowing in and out of server-side programming as a result of working with carriers, allows us to give you a product you can be sure in.

Data processing software

Development of software for big data processing (using Hadoop), construction of analytical reports, MapReduce. Stream processing software. By working with mobile operators, we know what heavy load is.


Convenience, simplicity, efficiency and other advantages of SaaS win the hearts of consumers, without explaining their sophisticated organization and philosophy. We are experts in Java web application development and our software can attest to it.


More and more enterprises are choosing Platform as a Service (PaaS) instead of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We know what PaaS is, because PaaS solutions are part of our own product lineup.

Desktop software development

Desktop applications make sense when you need top notch performance and security. We can develop desktop applications on any platform that runs Java: Linux, Windows, Mac OS.



Outstanding experience

By working closely with top players in their respective industries for more than 15 years, we learned a lot. We can provide professional software development services and cater to any of your needs.

Legal protection & rights

Our clients can be sure that confidential information won’t get to third parties. We guarantee confidentiality and 100% intellectual rights on developed software.

Price advantage

As a Russian based company, we offer highly competitive rates for high quality software. In our case, less expensive rate doesn’t mean less quality software.

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