We use Agile software development approach to deliver top quality software. On time and on budged.

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Our top priority is to satisfy the customer by early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We use Agile methodologies to accelerate software-to-market and tailor the process to match your specifics of operation.


We believe in lean and effective software development. Our rich experience will get you software on time and at a reasonable price. From small businesses to enterprise we meet each client’s unique needs in their industry domain.

Dual-track Scrum

Dual tracks of discovery and implementation. Each with a different focus but with one aim: to satisfy a customer’s need and deliver results in time.


Short iterative approach and refinement of code based on feedback, allows us to deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.


Specified cost projections and fixed reasonable quotes helps you to get high quality measurable results on time and on budget.


Fixed price (FP)

We use fixed price model when specifications and scope are clearly defined at the start of a project or project iteration. In this case, it is assumed that estimation and plan are correct and will not be changed. The client pays a fixed price for a complete project, which has been estimated by specifications provided by the customer. This model provides on time and on budget delivery of software, with a clearly defined deadlines and costs.

Agile fixed price (AFP)

This model transfers the risk of project underestimation from the client to the provider, and stimulates the provider to work faster. Using Agile method, the project is divided into short stories. The client pays after the completion of a story, based on the estimation during the planning sessions, regardless of the actual hours spent on the story.

Time and material (T&M)

If you don’t have specifications and your scope is not clearly defined at the start of the project, this model may suit you the best. The customer pays the agreed man-hour price for the time spent on the project. In this case, the requirements are specified after each short iteration, which offer the customer enough flexibility to balance workload, team size, and the budget.

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