Self-care portals

Automated self-care portals is a great way for mobile operators to cut down costs on human resources and provide better user experience for customers. Enabling up-selling through a self-service interface, as well as using the portal as a marketing channel, can significantly increase ARPU and reduce number of calls to customer call centres. Eyeline custom self-care portal has unified interface for pre-paid and post-paid subscribers and works on all GSM phones. Our solution is being used by MTS, a mobile operator with more than 100 millions of subscribers.

Infrastructure solutions

We’ve been supplying infrastructure solutions to the largest mobile operators at a fraction of the cost without compromising on reliability, performance and support. A carrier-grade, highly reliable solutions for core networks functions, such as SMS/USSD centres, service delivery platforms, marketing platforms, and financial services delivery platform. Our solutions are used by MTS and Smart Philippines.

Financial services for mobile operators

We develop mobile payment systems for mobile operators that can utilize mobile phone airtime credits for a variety of transactions that include payment of utility bills, airtime top up, and loan repayment. Some of our solutions, like a money transfer service for Beeline (VimpelCom), converge banking and mobile operator financial services, as you can send money airtime credits directly to a banking account.



Messenger bots are automated assistants offering information and services for a variety of businesses. We offer development of bots and integration with complex back ends, which results in bot portals that has full-fledged functionality of standalone apps. Eyeline develops bot portals for the following businesses: banks, mobile operators, government, insurance companies, airlines and airports.

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