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System integration

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EYELINE provides a full range of services for the integration, development, implementation and operation of high load systems.

We developed systems and applications that are characterized by lots of users, sometimes up to several millions at a moment, and uneven distribution of the load over time. Those are mobile services and self-service applications in finance, telecommunications platform for interactive marketing and advertising, and various Web applications.

Eyeline formed a team of experienced engineers, architects and technical support specialized in hardware solutions that can solve problems of any level, including the implementation of projects for the integration of various high load IT-systems. The team has years of experience in working with various software platforms, including open source software, and the use of cloud platforms: Amazon Cloud, VMWare, Open Stack.

For implementation of integration projects and development of high load systems, EYELINE uses specially created approaches to the design, development, verification, and testing. We use proprietary tools for load testing platforms and applications, including applications for telecommunications.

We established partnerships with highly qualified engineering companies and development teams in areas that require in-depth understanding of various technologies.

Technical Support Department of EYELINE provides services to clients to support their solutions around the world. Among the clients who use the services are mobile operators, banks, and government agencies.

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System integration