USSD app for management of bank accounts and credit cards without the Internet


Alfa Bank, the corporate treasury of the Alfa Group, is the largest private commercial bank in Russia. It ranks among top 10 largest banks in terms of capital in Russia and Ukraine.

Alfa Banking Group is headquartered in Moscow, Russia, with branch network consisting of 775 offices across Russia and abroad, includes a subsidiary bank in the Netherlands and financial subsidiaries in the United States, the United Kingdom and Cyprus, and employs approximately 22 thousand people.


Leader in the field of remote banking services, Alfa Bank, has set the task to provide convenient mobile banking service not just to smartphone users but also to owners of conventional phones, which amounts to about 70% of all mobile devices in Russia.

Alfa Bank asked Eyeline to provide bank customers a convenient, fast and secure alternative to SMS bank, that doesn’t require subscribers to access the Internet. Among other reasons for implementing this project are: long waiting time in call center queues, rising costs of voice traffic and expenses on call centers maintenance.


Unlike a smartphone app, where a user has to enter password every time, all you need to do is dial *142# and get access to your accounts almost immediately, even without access to the Internet. The app can be accessed in roaming without extra charges and need for 3G or LTE connection. Functionality includes:

➤ Balance check
➤ Mini bank statements
➤ Top-up mobile phone airtime from bank account
➤ Transactions and payments history
➤ Block debit and credit cards

Security is provided by using USSD technology, as well as additional verification by checking the number of SIM cards. In addition, on some operations users can set additional password. Flexible system management of portal allows Alfa Bank quickly include new functions, change the old ones, and implement on its base services that generate additional income for the bank.

Alfa Bank received a fast and reliable USSD service portal for its subscribers. For example, when during a DDOS-attack all the servers of the bank were not available, the service “Alfa-Dialog” continued to work.

According to observers of the portal, «”Alfa-Dialog” – Russia’s only complete USSD-banking system» (, 08/09/2015).

The service has a monthly fee and brings the bank tens of millions of rubles a month.




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Case Study: USSD App For Management Of Bank Accounts And Credit Cards Without Internet For Alfa Bank