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If you are a service provider or a mobile operator, Sharp Ads can help you to commercialize your mobile services with insertion of advertisement. Eyeline Sharp Ads is an advertising engine which inserts ads in SMS and USSD mobile messages, selecting ads using customer profile that insures advertising relevance.

When ads are mashed with useful services, advertisement, as in Google’s case, becomes relevant. In fact it is the only form of acceptable advertising on mobile phones. SMS and USSD communications channels insure the widest possible reach for your ads.

If you are considering a Balance Check service, or a Missed Call Alert service, or a CallBack service, do more by appending unobtrusive advertising to messages. It is better than TV!



Subscriber sends an inquiry to service connected to Sharp Ads


Service processes the inquiry and requests an advertising


Sharp Ads choses an ad from a bank of messages and sends it to service


Service responds to subscriber with a message and advertising

Eyeline Sharp Ads is designed to work with multiple services. For example, all services developed by Eyeline for operators (Ads-n-Balance, CallBack, Missed Calls Alert) can have rotating advertising messages supplied by Sharp Ads.

Services are integrated with Eyeline Sharp Ads through TCP/IP transport and use a custom protocol designed to support effective communication.

Sharp Ads uses various mobile delivery channels: SMS, USSD, RSS, Cell broadcast, WAP push, MMS.

Advertising messages inserted by Sharp Ads can be targeted by region or by subscriber profile (preferences, past actions).

If Sharp Ads is integrated with Eyeline Service Delivery Platform, service flows can be fully monitored, and Conversion Rate (ratio of sales to clicks) can be calculated, as well as Click-Through Rate and other statistics.

Eyeline Sharp Ads is deployed in the network of the largest mobile operator of Russia, MobileTeleSystems.


Sharp Ads can target ads. It works by storing a subscriber’s profile consisting of any pre-existing data (such as operator’s data or information regarding the person’s number) and any data about previous actions of subscriber (if communication with the subscriber is managed by Eyeline SDP). In particular, ads can be targeted by:

Region and location

Often the mobile number of subscriber already gives enough information to target ads by region. If information about location is available (from an LBS engine or VLR processing program), ads can be sharpened by location.

Subscriber answers to questions

Why not directly ask your customers questions using USSD or WAP (or Web)? Answers can provide a useful guide as to what ads are most likely to succeed.

Previous actions of subscriber

Subscriber leaves a trail of past choices which, if properly recorded, can be used to infer consumer preferences.

Preferences of subscriber

Once customer preferences are known, they can be stored in the profile and used for further communication. One example is to shield your business from those who can not stand advertising in general (by blacklisting them).


Besides impressions, Sharp Ads can calculate more useful statistics, such as Click Through Rate and Conversion Rate. Click Through Service calculates a Click Through Rate (CTR) which by standard definition is the number of clicked-through advertisements to the number of displayed advertisements. Among other things, Click Through Rate allows advertisers to determine subscriber preferences.

Advertisement for mobile should consist of an information message and a free USSD number to call. Example of such advertisement: «Save on SMS! Call *150# for information.»

Furthermore, if eSDP is employed, the most useful statistics can be calculated – we call it Conversion Rate – the ratio of sales to viewed advertisements.

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