Yellow Pages Philippines (DPC)

Mobile advertising platform

The Client

Since 1989, when DPC was organized, it has emerged as the dominant market leader in the directories advertising industry in the Philippines today. DPC officially markets YP products and services in the Philippines. Starting out as an Asian pioneer and dominant leader in telephone directories publishing in the country, DPC has evolved into a marketing partner of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) today. The company customizes YP marketing solutions for SMEs, using a suite of online, mobile and print products, plus a host of value-added services.

The Scope

The client set a task to find an additional sources of income.

The Solution

To solve this task, Eyeline proposed implementation of mobile advertising platform, which allows managing advertising campaigns, consisting of targeted advertising. For this, DPC approached Smart Communications, and EYELINE performed direct integration with the largest mobile operator in the Philippines.

Part of the platform’s components are hosted in the cloud. All platform components interact with each other and connected clients by API, allowing, if required, to automate processes for managing mobile advertising. In addition, on request, by means of Data Adapter modules, Eyeline can perform integration with existing data sources to fill the subscriber profile that can be used for targeting / personalization of advertising. Usually it is CRM, DPI, and so on.

All components of the platform are adapted to the operation in a virtual environment under the control of Linux. The platform does not require the purchase of third party software licenses.

All main types of targeting are implemented: sex, age, APRU, geo targeting, operational information on connected services, packages and options.




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Case Study: Mobile Advertising Platform For Directories Philippines Corporation