Comprehensive management solution for Panasonic plasma displays

The Client

Panasonic – Japan’s engineering corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of household appliances and electronic goods.

The Scope

EYELINE was asked to develop an inexpensive, easy for installation/maintenance system for remote management of multiple plasma screens from one computer.

The Solution

EYELINE developed management system, based on the controllers, which represent an interface converter RS-232 / RS-422, with embedded micro controller.

Developed hardware and software solution enables direct control of plasma panels using the emulator of remote. Scheduled LCDs management automates system operator workstation. The program performs pre-entered commands at a specified time and day. The system allows management of plasma panels in video wall mode.

System features: remotely control (all functions and adjustments that are available with a conventional remote) one plasma panel or a group of several plasma panels; unlimited amount of controlled plasma panels; support up to 32 groups of simultaneously controlled panels; include one panel into four groups at the same time. The system supports all generations of Panasonic plasma panels.


Digital Signal Processing

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Casy Study: Comprehensive Management Solution For Panasonic Plasma Displays