Instant money transfer from a mobile account or a bank card


Beeline is a Russian telecommunications brand by OJSC VimpelCom. BPJSC VimpelCom is the third-largest wireless and second-largest telecom operator in Russia. Since 2009, OJSC VimpelCom has been a subsidiary of VimpelCom Ltd., which is based in Amsterdam. The operator has 55.7 million subscribers.


Previously, to make a money transfer, the subscribers of Beeline had to know details of the beneficiary – bank account number or the card and use SMS commands to send money. It was a long and cumbersome process. To make the service easy for customers and enhance its profitability for the operator, the Financial Products Development Department of PJSC “VimpelCom” has taken the initiative to implement this service on the basis of USSD menu in partnership with Eyeline.


As part of solving this task Eyeline developed and implemented a new mobile service “Beeline. Transfer”. Management of the service via USSD on the side of the sender-subscriber of Beeline, as well as SMS notifications generated by the system, were implemented on a Eyeline Service Delivery Platform. On the financial side, the system is integrated with the Beeline Mobile Commerce platform, as well as with the partner bank.

Service is initiated by calling *135#, then the caller follows the instructions of interactive menus. Transfers can be performed from the personal account of the operator or with a credit card. The card has to be linked to the mobile phone number only once. The main convenience of the service is that users no longer need to know the account number or card information of the recipient. The user only need to know recipient’s phone number. The recipient can choose convenient way of receiving funds – to the phone account or to a bank card.

As a result of the service implementation, Beeline’s monthly turnover of money transfers increased by 10%. An average transaction amount is $40.




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Case Study: Instant Money Transfer From A Mobile Account Or A Bank Card For VimpelCom Ltd.