Difference between USSD and SMS

Quite often people are looking at USSD as a cheap alternative to SMS. But in reality it is completely another form of technology which brings different form of user experience. Choosing one of them depends on requirements of your service. In most cases, though, USSD is a much preferred solution.

Nowadays everything goes fast. Making people wait while they are using your service is a good reason for them not to come back to it ever again. Everything about USSD is just much faster and simpler. The reason for it is an interactive user experience which is created by technical features of the technology.

Unlike SMS, USSD maintains a session so users receive response almost immediately. There is no instant user involvement with SMS. You have to wait each time after your response and sometimes a dialogue can be interrupted by a slow delivery of a message. With USSD users get the feeling of a common browsing through mobile phone application. It’s just doesn’t require any installation and works on any phones, from low to hi-end range.

Besides that, there are a number of various advantages of USSD. For example, for end-users service based on USSD can be free. Let’s compare:




Initiation 1. User/Company pays 1. 0
MO/User reply 2. User/Company pays 2. 0
MT/Network message 3. Company pays 3. Company pays
Total 1+2+3 3

You can see that you get charged only for mobile terminated messages. This means your clients can get information and take part in multiple choice surveys without paying anything.

USSD service can be accessed from any country in the world. All USSD requests are rooted back to the home network. Dialing an USSD number while in roaming in another network will lead to a service which is in home network. This helps users to access your service from other countries.

The good news is that now you can create your own service in a matter of two weeks using Global USSD and launch it in any country in the world. Our patented technology allows building services using simple XML language or WordPress plugin. It’s never been easier before.

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